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Blessed by nature

Year in and year out we tend and care for our lush farmer's garden, watch our hens and calves grow, and enjoy the rich diversity that nature gives us in return.
And we would like to share the joy of this richness with you: At Lichtensternhof farm your day begins with milk that has just sloshed fresh and warm into the bucket and freshly laid eggs that were just found between hay and straw. And on request, we will provide you with tomatoes and vegetables, lettuce and herbs that are crooked and twisted and varied, and above all aromatic, juicy and healthy, just like they are supposed to be.
Fresh from the farm:Milk and eggs
Salads and vegetables on request
Homemade joy
We produce fruit spreads, herbal tea, syrup, and herbal salts, and smoke bacon and sausages ourselves. And if you are particularly lucky, farmer's wife Christina will cook some South Tyrolean bacon dumplings for you herself or whip up an airy Kaiserschmarrn from freshly laid eggs.
Smoked Sausage
Fruit spreads
Herbal Tea
Herbal salt
Anything missing?
Don't worry:
You will find shopping possibilities nearby and information about them in our folder. We will also be happy to give you our personal recommendations!