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Organic farm

We carry the sun in our hearts

Picture a wide clearing surrounded by meadows and woods, the impressive ridges of the Dolomites are shimmering on the horizon, and less than 500 meters away the historic Renon narrow-gauge railway chugs by leisurely. Here, where the forests rustle and people carry the sun in their hearts, the Lichtensternhof farm is located: a place where people and animals are equally spoiled and where nature sets the tone.


Oasis of well-being for our animals

Sometimes we would almost like to swap places with our animals: Since the conversion to organic farming in 2019, our cows relax in the generous free-stall barn, let themselves be pampered by the electric massage brush and decide for themselves when it is time for them to be milked thanks to the automatic milking machine. Obviously, they are also gourmets, and only get hay from our sustainably cultivated meadows and organic concentrated feed to eat, before they meet in their own panoramic lounge at sunset to enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. The pigs wallow in the warm sun or the coolness of the stable deeply relaxed and our hens cluck about in absolute freedom.
Animal friends
Our livestock is not only our livelihood but a significant part of our lives as such. We treat our animals with respect and take care of each and every one of them with great dedication and joy, be it our hens, pigs, cows, our mouse-hunting flock of cats, or our sheepdog Jimmy.

About us

Farmers with heart and soul

A farm, that is the cattle, the meadows, and the woods, but also the people who run it with heart and soul and their own stories, as well as the location with its conditions. Passion, hard work, land, and people have made Lichtensternhof farm what it is today.