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Organic farm

We carry the sun in our hearts

Picture a wide clearing surrounded by meadows and woods, the impressive ridges of the Dolomites are shimmering on the horizon, and less than 500 meters away the historic Renon narrow-gauge railway chugs by leisurely. Here, where the forests rustle and people carry the sun in their hearts, the Lichtensternhof farm is located: a place where people and animals are equally spoiled and where nature sets the tone.


Down-to-earth passion

The third generation of the Hohenegger family runs the Lichtensternhof farm with passion and commitment. Young farmer Erich, who worked as a trained electrician until 2017, is supported by his parents Christina and Anton. The three complement each other and support each other wherever they can, but above all, they share the belief that respectful treatment of each other, animals, and nature is the only way to a fulfilled life and work.
We are your hosts
We put our farm and livestock first. We know, however, that joy only grows when it is shared, we are happy about every guest visiting us on Lichtensternhof farm. Erich is the young farmer here and besides the cattle, for which he advanced the conversion to organic farming, he is especially fond of the woodwork. Christina is a woman of many talents, she looks after the garden, the well-being of the guests, and the countless smaller and larger things that only she can do. Anton is a house technician, mechanic, bricklayer, and decorator all in one. "Can't be done" doesn't exist with him and he has still managed to do everything he set out to do, provided he is allowed to work outdoors.

About us

Farmers with heart and soul

A farm, that is the cattle, the meadows, and the woods, but also the people who run it with heart and soul and their own stories, as well as the location with its conditions. Passion, hard work, land, and people have made Lichtensternhof farm what it is today.